In 1982, Church of God by Faith, Inc. launched its newest, most promising mission. The place was Atlanta, Georgia. From the pulpit of the "Temple" in Ocala, Florida at the closing of the December National Convention that same year, a brief announcement raised the curtain on this new and exciting mission - ultimately placing Church of God by Faith (COGBF) on the map in Atlanta. The Atlanta church was formed when several born and bred "By Faith" families and individuals made career moves to Atlanta from other cities and states. Over time, those transitioning "By Faithers" began to discover each other, and gradually, a group of them came together to form the Atlanta Mission COGBF. Minister and Mrs. C.W.Clark emerged as the local leaders of the group under the shepherding of Elder Cannie Lester. Jurisdictionally, the Atlanta Mission began as a part of the South Georgia District. Since the first formal church service held in an apartment of one of its members, COGBF Atlanta has, over time, worshiped in several locations including four YMCA facilities. In 1988, Pastor Wayne and Sister Michelle Mack assumed leadership of this fledgling mission ministry. Prior to the Mack's arrival, the Atlanta Mission had been re-assigned districtly and had become an official part of the Quad-States District, led by Superintendent W.L. Mann, Jr. In 1991-92 COGBF Atlanta moved to its fifth and present location, 2962 Ember Drive in Decatur, Georgia at Interstate East Office Park. This office park facility has adequately served COGBF allowing the church to stabilize and develop its ministry potential and operations, i.e., post regulary scheduled worship times; establish comprehensive Para-ministries; identify and develop Godly professional leaders; launch upscale ministry furnishings, sound and media equipment; and position this community church as a dynamic spiritual resource for church family members and the community. At this location, we have experienced many positives-the foremost being: transitioning from mission status to full fledge church status and doubling our facility size (1700 to 3400 square feet). Atlanta COGBF is vibrant, healthy, and solid. It is the incubator of great things to come and the seed of life for a projected eight additional churches forming the incorporation's newest jurisdiction, the Atlanta District.